Blue Barn Estate Sales are the best you could ever meet. They pay attention to every detail, always get the best price and make the move easier for you. When it comes to their work ethics they are completely honest, caring and go above and beyond with their service. Most of all we have become great friends.


I recommend Michelle for your estate sale needs. She is knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly caring and empathetic. My wife and I recently downsized from our home of 20 years and what we feared would be a traumatic experience was the most positive element of our move. My wife had filled the house with collectibles and knick knacks and was very apprehensive about letting go. Michelle was able to make an authentic connection with my wife and that was key to a liquidation sale that from my point of view could not have gone better. Michelle is committed to helping those who need liquidation services. So her motivation first is assistance and then the business element. With that said she and her husband did a tremendous job which required two weeks of work to organize and stage the sale at our home. Monday after the sale everything that hadn't sold was gone. During our move we encountered a ton of hiccups. The one shining light as we downsized our home was Michelle and her husband. From the moment she came to our home she clearly communicated with us, was thoughtful in her assessment of the contents of our home, and worked dawn to dusk to complete the liquidation sale They are extraordinarily caring and I can't imagine a more professional and thoughtful company. They are a 10 star liquidation company. More importantly they are a couple of high character. I wholeheartedly recommend them


You are the most Awesome Estate Sale Expert I could imagine, and I'm so thrilled how you guys handled our sale. Top notch, ultra professional, and made more money for me than I ever would have on my own. Thank you so much. I will refer you to anyone who needs your expertise - wholeheartedly! You're the best!



I want to thank you for the amazing job you did with organizing my estate sale.  The way you staged all the items to be sold gave those who attended a visual picture of how certain pieces would look in their home.  I can’t believe that almost everything sold in the 3 days of the sale.
Please give thanks to your hubby.  His assistance in helping to load up or delivering the items for the women who purchased large items was greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Pamela S.

We can't thank you enough for all your hard work. We could NEVER have done what you did either logistically or emotionally. I hope to meet you on my trip out to Phoenix.

We love you!!!!


 I would like to give a glowing recommendation for the services of Michelle from Blue Barn Estate Sales to anyone who is in need of estate sale services.  She was both professional and caring at the same time, during a very difficult period in my life.  She took care of all aspects of the job. I was able to stay away and trust her with everything. Michelle and her crew went above and beyond what I expected of her.  When they finished the place was spotless.
Michelle you have my recommendation and gratitude for a job well done. 

 Thanks Peggy 

We just wanted to thank Blue Barn Estate Sales for handling our grandmother's estate. They were so informative, professional and kind. They impressed us with their knowledge of her massive collection of antiques! They worked so hard and we didn't have to worry about a thing! Thank you so much and we would recommend them to anyone needing an estate sale.

 In July, I met and subsequently hired Michelle to manage my estate sale.  I was moving to Panama and had sold my house.  But I was stuck with all the things inside.  I also struggled with timing and logistics, etc.  I wanted to be on my way to Panama, but the earliest Michelle could hold the sale was in July.  She made me feel very comfortable about the process, answered all my questions, and offered to take care of things for me if I chose to leave before the sale.  She did extra things such as return my Cox modem, watered the trees and shrubs in the front/ back yards and kept in constant touch.  She was a blessing to work with and a true professional, who acted like and treated me like a friend.  I would highly recommend her.

 Carol J

I used Blue Barn Estate Sales in February of 2016.   I was overwhelmed on how to dispose of my mother's items with love and tenderness. Michelle came to my rescue. She handled my emotions, my mother's items, and the sale with such professionalism, yet kindness.    

Michelle far exceeded my expectations and I have talked about her abilities to whoever I come across.  I have even referred her to people who just wished to downsize.  You are welcome to give me a call with any specific questions.


In March of this year I contracted with blue barn estates when I realized I needed to put my uncle‘s home up for sale as he had entered into assisted-living. Michelle was referred to me by my realtor whom I trust explicitly and who sold my uncles house in record time. Michelle had a lot of work to do to prepare for estate sale as my uncle was almost a hoarder. After the sale she had to haul away quite a few things that did not sell and she did that quite successfully she also of her own accord put some chemicals into the pool as she noticed that it needed some of that when she was there at the estate and that was not a charge that she rendered to me. She also sold my uncles car for me and returned the direct TV box.  I trust her explicitly and I would use her again and she comes highly recommended by me. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico but all of the business was transacted by phone text and email in Phoenix. I think that says a lot when you can do business at a distance and trust the people you’re working with.

Thank you
Terry K

 Blue Barn Estate Sales